From AKRONEX International Fire Engineering Inc. CEO Bülent GÜNGÖR about the management and sales strategies of 2021;

As it may be acknowledged; Year 2020  global pandemic  has been a passed gradually  rough  and put an impact  to   Fire Extinguishing  Sector globally within the  other global industrial sectors naturally.

But despite of these unfortunates as AKRONEX International team we has foreseen this extraordinary age for whole world as a potential for new establishment of supply chain management and new investments, thus newly developed strategies of Management and Sales  strategies on 2020- 2021  has been based on this viewpoint and facts.

We have been  actualized in domestic and overseas sales areas a lot of most prestigious projects with our expert and experienced team.

On 2021 March, We have successfully established our new London office as AKRONEX UK Ltd. In order to easily  and swiftly connection to our client portfolio in Great Britain.

By the end of 2021 our goal and mission is to establish  of  new Italy office and warehouse. Also  by completion of AKRONEX 1230 and AKRONEX 227 agents  FM certification process; we are aiming to propose a more wide and high standardized production of Clean Agents and engineering services.

For the past year, especially on global market we have been significant cover ground  with our widened distribution network and new investments to our R&D departments.

In the light of abovementioned facts; I have full confidence and faith for the  these years shrinking and postponed demand will cause a lot of new high investment possibilities  for near future with new demands and projects  for the companies that has been prepared during this temporary global crise.  With this awareness we have to be walk the our mission and goals  that we have been started 2007 with our technical & engineering and production team by our  eco friendly and sustainable production possibility.

I would like to send my special thanks to my loyal and hardworking team !

For better future AKRONEX International !”