Fire alarm systems

Fire detection and warning systems are an important stage of fire fighting. Fire detection and early warning systems are established to prevent human and material losses, accelerating the intervention process in first minutes of fire and to take situation under control.

In general, early warning systems detect one or several characteristic features of fire such as smoke, heat and flame. There are different types of detectors, developed to detect characteristic features of fire like smoke, heat and flame. However, individually they can be insufficient, it will be more sufficient to use them together integrally with each other. Fire alarm systems ? they are systems, which activate outputs (fire suppression systems, alarm and telecommunication systems etc.), interpreting the fire alarm transmitted by the detectors.

Fire detection and alarm systems are applied as follows:
Analogue addressable fire alarm system
Wireless fire alarm systems
Conventional fire alarm systems
Fire alarm system with thermal camera


Fire protection system consists of three main functions:
The direction to competent authorities
Activation of fire suppression system