AKRONEX 227 Clean Agent Fire Supressions Systems

AKRONEX 227 Clean Agent Fire Supressions Systems

Automatic Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems control the danger that can occur due to fire and protect all the equipment in the protected area without any damage.


All products are designed and certified according to national and international standards.


Compared to conventional systems, the benefits of Akronex 227 include:

  • Faster than water extinguishing systems
  • Safe for human life, environmental,

extended life suppressant,

  • No residue, No waste,
  • Prevents damage caused by smoke, ash, and wetness,
  • Does not damage protected equipment and objects.
  • Not conductive, does not damage the operating function

of electronic devices.


Application Area

Data Center, Telecommunication, Information Technologies

  • Shopping Centers, Hotels and Restaurants
  • Energy Sector and Auxiliary Industries
  • Museums, Archives, Libraries and Schools

Health Industry (Laboratories, drug stores, X-ray rooms?)

  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Warehouses and Logistic Centers
  • Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbon Industry
  • Local and Central Government, All Public Buildings, Business Centers
  • Wind Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants, Solar Power Plants, Geothermal Plants


Different Detect Solutions

It allows to use various detection methods according to ambient conditions of enclosed volumes. The smoke detector, heat detector, rate of rise heat detector, linear type heat detector, flame detector or spark detector can be used according to the device or the data in the area.

Fast Suppression

It detects fire precisely and quickly from the first phase of the fire. The detection zone, which works with the cross zone principle, allows detection of two zonsets and discharges HFC-227ea gas to the area in less than 10 seconds. Thus, the extinguishing process is started and the extinguishing process is completed if the gas remains in the place for at least 10 minutes.


Design of fire extinguishing agents HFC-227ea complies with the standards NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520,
Pipeline layout by approved hydraulic calculations of UL, definition of nozzles,
Preparation of AutoCAD and isometric drawings,
Preparation of gas cylinders and original equipment in sufficient quantity,
Refilling of cylinders and replacement of spare parts if it is necessary,
Turnkey installation of gas fire extinguishing systems, providing periodic maintenance.


AKRONEX International Fire Engineering Inc. provides quality control system to control all components to be used in fire suppression systems.




Chemical name Heptafluoropropan
Chemical formula CF3 CHFCF3
Name by standards (ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001) HFC-227ea
Molecular weight 170
Boiling range @ 1.013 bar -16.40C
Liquid density @ 200C 1407 kg/m3
Critical temperature 101.7 0C
Critical pressure 29.12 bar
Steam pressure @ 200C 3.91 bar
Relative electrical resistance @ 1atm.25?C (N2=1.0) 2.0
Maximum filling density 1.15 kg/lt
Design concentration (for Heptanes) 8.6 %
Discharge factor (for Heptanes @ 20C) 0.686 kg/m3
Design concentration: for surface fires class A 7.5 %
Discharge factor: for surface fires class ? 0.591 kg/m3
LOAEL 10.5 %
ODP (ozone depletion potential) 0
Greenhouse effect potential 2900
Authorities approved EPA,NFPA