Depolar ve Lojistik Merkezleri ??in Yang?ndan Korunma

AKRONEX International specializes in automatic gaseous fire suppression systems. The components of our fire protection systems are specifically designed and manufactured. All products are certified according to national and international standards.

It is an ideal solution to use gas based fire suppression technology in a sensitive areas such as Warehouses & Distribution Areas, where water is more harmful than fire as fire suppressant.

AKRONEX International has been providing clean agent fire suppression systems since 2007.

The benefits of AKRONEX’s solutions compared to conventional systems are;

  • Fast extinguishing than water
  • Safe for human life, environmental, extended life suppressant,
  • No residue, No waste,
  • Prevents damage caused by smoke, ash, and wetness,
  • Does not damage protected equipment and objects.
  • Not conductive, does not damage the operating function of electronic devices.