We are folllow closely the globally developing Fire Fighting and fire Protection industries and especially Europian Market. Recently, we have been started to establishment AKRONEX INTERNATIONAL/EUROPE Office in order to fortify our position in Europian Market and supply the market?s requirements more easily and more swiftly.

Moreover, in the scope of company?s 2020 objectives is to extending the distrubitorship and dealership web on DUBAI and MENA which has achieved already a quite volumable. To achieve to this objective we have increase our AKRONEX trademark in recognition by new business development strategies such lake attending the local exhibition and promotions.

In this point as AKRONEX Internation Company we have to develop our hi-tech, eco-friendly product range should be devise with the R&D activities. We also have to our journey which have started almost 15 years ago with our brandname strategies and countinous sustainable development.?